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bathroom products

modular bathrooms

The Add-a-Bathroom, Pre-Fabricated Modular Bathrooms are the most cost effective bathroom solution to your standard style bathroom and are perfect for anyone wanting to add an extra bathroom or ensuite to their property. 

The Add-a-Bathroom modular bathroom is an easily installed bathroom add-on with easy to clean gel coat finish, that if required can be easily removed and installed into another location.

The modular bathroom range are not designed to be installed in existing conventional tiled bathrooms or ensuites, they are designed to be installed as an additional bathroom or ensuite.

modular showers

If your looking to renovate an existing bathroom or building or have an existing shower that is leaking and creating damp walls and floors then you need our Modular Shower system.


The Modular Showers are a completely sealed unit with a smooth white gel coat finish. 

The Modular Showers units are easy to keep clean and with no shower maintenance and been a completely waterproof shower cubicle, the answer is right in front of you.

access & mobility bathrooms

At last there is a Prefabricated Modular Bathroom to suit the access & mobility housing requirements.
The Access & Mobility modular bathroom meets the Australian Standard AS1428.1-2009. The Access & Mobility modular bathroom comes in an amazing tiled wall effect with a Vogue effect (light grey and black) floor.
The toilet size is 2225mm deep internally x 2700mm wide internally x 2100mm high internally and the hob height at the entrance of the modular bathroom  is approximately 60mm.

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