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modular bathroom faqs

Where can we install an Add-a-Bathroom?
The great thing about the Add-a-Bathroom is that it can be installed just about anywhere as the bathroom pods are constructed from an acrylic fibreglass panel with a Gel coat interior. This means the bathrooms are rust free, corrosion free and won't deteriorate.

Do you have a showroom to view the Add-a-Bathroom?
Yes we do. Our new showroom is at Unit 9, 10 Ash Rd Preston NSW 2170, off Hoxton Park Rd.  We are open by appointment. Please call and speak with Brad direct on 0418 961 704 to make an appointment that suits you.

Will an Add-a-Bathroom fit in our existing Bathroom/Ensuite?
No, the Add-a-Bathroom is designed to be an additional bathroom, and normally is placed in the corner of a large room or an extension as an extra Bathroom/Ensuite. They are also used predominantly in Granny Flats, Outdoor rooms, Student Housing, Commercial applications, Sheds, Hotels, Motels just about anywhere.

Can we choose our own P.C. items i.e. toilets, shower rails, towel rail?
We do supply a standard fittings package for each bathroom. If you wish to choose your own fittings, we will only supply you with the bathroom module flat packed and your contractor would need to pre-fit the bathroom onsite. Excludes large orders.

Can Prefab Bathrooms organize the installation of my Add-a-Bathroom?
Yes, we can. Prefab Bathrooms have its own team of qualified professional plumbing contractors that we use for the installations.  They don’t service all areas, so please give us a call, and we will be more than happy to pass on their number.

How do we fix towel rails, toilet cisterns etc to the fibreglass?
At the manufacturing stage plywood is glued to the back of the bathroom where you require the P.C items. This is not done if you choose your own P.C items or purchase just the modular unit.

Is Council permission required for the installation of an Add-a-Bathroom?
If you are looking at installing one of the Add-a-Bathroom range you will need to check with your Local Council to see what their requirements are under Exempt or Complying Development.

Can anyone install an Add-a-Bathroom?
Yes, but you will require some building knowledge as there are services (power, water, sewer) to be installed by qualified contractors before the Add-a-Bathrooms can be placed into position. If your not sure please call us or speak with your local builder.

Can anyone disassemble and then reassemble the Add-a-Bathrooms?
Yes, with the right tools and a little know how, anyone can disassemble and reassemble the Add-a-Bathroom in another position. We recommend using qualified tradespeople for plumbing and electrical work.

Can an Add-a-Bathroom be placed in my garage?
Yes the Add-a-Bathroom can be placed anywhere including in a Garage, Granny Flat, Shed or on your outdoor deck.
My Garage concrete slab is sitting directly on the ground, how do we get the shower waste water out from under the bathroom?
If the bathroom is to be placed over/on a concrete slab where the slab is sitting directly on the ground and there is no access to under the slab, the bathroom will need to be placed on framework to lift it off the slab to allow for the shower waste water to flow to the sewer. The framework is 90 to 100mm in height.

Can a pre-assembled Bathroom/Ensuite be carried through a doorway into our house?
No, the Add-a-Bathrooms have been designed with that in mind. They come as a Flat Pack. In the Flat Pack format each panel can be carried into the room where it’s required and put together in that room ready to be pushed into position. Both the flat packed and pre-assemble bathroom requires a forklift to lift the Bathroom/Ensuite off the freight truck at your property. If there is no forklift at the property we can organise a Hiab to lift the bathroom onto your property. The transport companies do not unpack nor deliver an products into the actual house/granny flat etc. The products are Hiab onto your front lawn/driveway.
Via what means of transport does the bathroom get delivered?
The bathrooms are delivered by a freight company. A forklift must be present at delivery to remove the bathroom(s) from the freight truck. If there is no forklift available that’s ok, we can organise a few different styles of transport. Freight costs are POA.

Can we pick the bathroom(s) up?
Yes, you are more than welcome to pick the bathroom(s) up from our Prestons factory. Please call and let us know what type of vehicle or trailer you have so we can see if it’s possible to place them on.

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