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powder rooms

Install Your Own Products


Welcome DIY “errs” to our DIY page. This page has been created to show our clients how easy the installation of a modular bathroom, laundry rooms, powder and/or toilet rooms or modular shower cubicles. 

By clicking on the link below you can see how easy the bathrooms are to put together. 


The information below is to inform clients of what is required for a smooth installation of the products.

Installation of the Products


Pre-Fabricated Bathrooms, distributors for Add-a-Bathroom, Add-a-Bathroom  nor any business entities will be held liable in any way, shape or form in relation to the installation of the products by our clients, their contractors or their interpretation of this DIY page. 

Installation of Electrical & Plumbing MUST be completed and signed off by licensed contractors. If clients choose not to use licensed contractors you may void your materials warranty. 
Fibreglass products are covered by a warranty of 5 years. Installed items such as toilet, basin, taps etc are covered by manufactures warranty only. For more information read our disclaimer here.

Site Deliveries


The Add-a-Bathroom products can be  delivered by a freight company to your location in most cases if you have a forklift at the property to remove the products from the truck. If you’re in a remote location and the freight company or its freight forwarders don’t service the location you will be required to pick the product(s) up from the closet depot. 
The freight company require a forklift on site to remove the product(s) from the transport truck. Each product is strapped to a pallet and can’t be off loaded by hand. If you don’t have access to a forklift we can organize a Hiab truck or tailgate lifter truck to deliver at additional costs. Hiab trucks and tailgate trucks may or may not service your area. If they don’t service your area you may be required to pick up the product(s) from the closet freight depot to you. 
The delivery drivers are under strict instructions from the freight companies not to help lift the product(s) off the truck, so please don’t ask. If we are informed there is a forklift on site and the truck turns up to deliver the product(s) and there is no forklift there. The freight company will charge you for a return delivery or extra payment to pick the product(s) up from their depot. Add-a-Bathroom and its distributor Pre-Fabricated  Bathrooms will be in no way liable for any of these costs.

You can see a visual representation of the DIY installation at our gallery here.​

Add-A-Ensuite DIY Installation


Things you need to have!

1. Two people, one to hold the pieces and one to bolt it together.
2. Tools you will require are a caulking gun, vice grips (2 minimum), rags, construction gloves, drill and drill bits, 3ft ladder, open end spanners or socket set, 5/16 hex head bit to remove pre-assembly screws.
3. Adequate room to position the bathroom.
4. 15mm Plywood glued to the back edge of the bathroom for your P.C items to be screwed into.
5. Contractors, you must use only qualified and licensed tradespeople for the installation, PreFab Bathrooms is not responsible for any DIY installations.
6. Approval from Council if required (All external installations may require Council approval).

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