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Complete Fibreglass Modular Bathrooms

The Prefabricated Modular Bathrooms by Add-a-Bathroom is an 8 Panel system. Each panel can be carried through a doorway into a property. Once assembled the complete fibreglass modular bathroom is ready to be installed and is perfect for anyone wanting to add a second bathroom or an ensuite. 

As the world of interior design, home renovations and extensions continues to evolve, people are searching for new and exciting bathroom products for everyday use. Prefabrication is the way of the future. There are prefab house, prefab granny flats, prefab sheds, prefab studios and now the Prefabricated bathroom is making an impact.

The bathroom products on the website are perfect for builders, developers, commercial contractors, home renovators & empty nesters who are looking for a cost effective, high end bathroom or ensuite to add to an existing house. 


All the Add-a-Bathroom products are smart, innovative, easy to maintain bathrooms, easy to install bathrooms, easy to clean and best of all, low cost compared to the installation of a conventional tiled wall and floor bathroom when starting from scratch.

Modular Bathrooms  (Add-A-Bathroom)

The Add-A-Bathroom products are great for add-a-bathroom into a shed, add-a-bathroom into a granny flat, add-a-bathroom into a bedroom, add-a-bathroom into a garage and many more applications. The Add-A-Bathroom products have been described as prefabricated bathroom modules, modular bathrooms, contemporary prefabricated bathrooms, commercial prefabricated bathrooms, domestic prefabricated bathrooms, prefabricated bathroom pods, prefabricated modular bathrooms, moulded showers, moulded shower cubicles, shower cubicles or prefabricated shower cubicles. With the new range of Toilet cubicles, Laundry rooms and Shower rooms you could build a complete Prefabricated Home.
When speaking with your builder be sure to have them contact us so we can offer them the correct information on which unit will best suit your bathroom installation needs.

The Add-a-Bathroom prefabricated bathrooms have been designed for just that "Adding a Bathroom".

These units are not designed to replace an existing bathroom or ensuite, they are designed to be install as an additional bathroom to a traditional tiled bathroom or ensuite.

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