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laundry rooms

Laundry Room Solutions for your home!

This compact but very useful laundry pod has been well received by our clients.


They are perfect for small areas such as units, villas and hotels where these type of facilities are required.


The tiled wall effect and grey stone floor really give the appearance of a modern laundry pod with its bright easy clean surface.

Laundry Room Solutions
Laundry Room Solutions

The laundry module comes as a pod only with a ceiling, or it can be fitted out by us using the standard fittings. Standard fit out includes hot and cold water connection points and a light and fan in the ceiling. We do not and will not supply a washing machine or dryer with the Laundry Pod.


The Laundry module is designed to have normal swing open doors or bi-fold doors. Doors would be installed onsite by qualified contractors. There is a floor waste in the bottom of the pod floor that must be connected to the sewer. The laundry tub must also be connected to the sewer.


If you require any further information on these amazing new products please feel free to call or email us.

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