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modular showers

Modular Showers for your home!

If you’re looking for an additional shower at your property be it in the bathroom, laundry and garage then the Modular Shower system is for you. The modular showers come in two different styles, Flat packed and fully assembled. If you purchasing a fully assembled shower for your project please ensure it will fit through all openings (i.e. doorways, hallways etc) and into the room required.


The fully moulded (1 piece) Modular Showers are a completely sealed unit with a smooth white gel coat finish. The flat pack showers are a base and two or three wall panels, depending on the shape and all these panels are siliconed and bolted together.

The Modular Showers units are easy to keep clean, no mouldy grout and no grout displacement, the answer is right in front of you.

Benefits of a Modular Shower

All the Modular Showers have anti-slip shower bases and are constructed from sanitary grade materials. All the Shower Cubicles can be fitted out with the standard range of mixer tap, shower rose, pre-plumbing and floor waste. 

The showers are designed and manufactured with no sharp corners and are a breeze to install. Add-a-Bathroom also has a range of flat pack showers that make transport and storage a more cost effective shower solution. 

The Flat Pack shower cubicles are easily assembled and come complete with all fixings and sanitary grade silicon sealant. 


Add-a-Bathroom use and recommend only quality bathroom products for your home. If you wish to view the Modular Shower Sizes brochure or our Shower Installation Guide then please click on the icons on this page.

NOTE: Please ensure that the modular shower cubicle(s) you purchase will fit through all hallways and doorways of the property you wish to install them in. PreFab Bathrooms are not liable in any way if the showers cubicles do not fit through hallways and doorways.

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